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The Hulk scooter from Madd Gear will have you tearing up the streets with superhuman strength.

Dr Banner was caught in a gamma bomb explosion whilst trying to save the life of a teenager. This explosion created a superhuman whose physical strength increases in proportion with his levels of anger and is known worldwide as The Hulk. At his angriest, The Hulk can weigh an impressive 1150lbs, don't worry though, this scooter doesn't weigh anywhere near that!

One of the benefits of having superhumanly strong muscles, is the ability to cover large areas quickly, one of the downfalls though is that The Hulk's legs become so strong that they tear up the ground he is trying to run over. For the lightweight deck and 100mm alloy core wheels of The Hulk scooter jumping over destroyed ground or getting up to high speeds quickly is not an issue!

◾4" Wide, Fluted Flat Deck, fitted with full Hulk printed Grip Tape and Composite Blitz Brake
◾100mm 85a Alloy Core Wheels pre-fitted with Carbon Abec 5 Bearings
◾21x16" One Piece Steel T-Bar featuring Original Squid Grips and Alloy Double Clamp
◾IHC Steel Threadless Fork and Sealed Threadless Headset
◾New Fresh Tubular Alloy Extruded Downtube - offering strength without weight!
◾Bars spin 360 degrees
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